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  • Tell you if a scanned item is WIC-eligible
  • Tell you what WIC-eligible items are available in this store!

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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us.  That’s why we don’t collect ANY of your private information.  The only time your personal information is visible is during the initial card registration (in “On-Line” WIC states only).  Any registration information stored in WICShopper is stored in a secure, encrypted format.  Whenever that information is used to get benefits, WICShopper sends it securely using HTTPS.

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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines how JPMA, Inc. uses and protects any information collected and stored by the WICShopper mobile application.  By using the WICShopper application, you are accepting the practices described in this privacy policy.

This privacy policy was last modified in May of 2014


What we collect

The WICShopper mobile application may collect the following information:

  • Your product inquiry history, which may include details such as the product number, timestamp of the inquiry, and IP address of the requesting device.
  • If you have a card with a smart chip(offline EBT):  your current EBT/WIC benefit information can be obtained only through the use of a EBTShopper in-store kiosk.  The EBTShopper kiosk is a separate product located in a retailer’s store that will obtain your benefit information when you physically enter your benefit card.  The EBTShopper kiosk will transmit your benefit information to the EBTShopper mobile app by scanning a QR code.  The EBTShopper mobile app will then have access this benefit information.
  • If you have a card with a mag stripe (online EBT):  your current EBT/WIC benefit information is requested each time to open the mobile app.  A secure https encrypted transmission is processed through the EBTShopper Server and sent to the state you have registered to.  The current benefit information is then retrieved from the State, encrypted and returned back through the EBTShopper server to the mobile phone requesting the benefits.  All data transmissions are secured.
  • At no time does EBTShopper hold your benefit information or personal information in the EBTShopper server.


What we do with the information

The information we collect may be used for:

  • Core functionality of the mobile application (e.g. displaying your benefits on your device, or identifying allowable products available in a retail location).
  • Evaluating system performance and effectiveness.
  • Mapping inquiry trends on the products all users have requested for inquiry.
  • Identifying improper usage of the application.

From time to time we may share some non-personally identifiable information with your local EBT/WIC agency, US Department of Agriculture, or our partnering retailer sponsors.  This information may include overall program and product inquiry statistics.


Limiting your personal information collected

If you choose to limit the amount of personal information collected (specifically your EBT/WIC benefit information), you may choose to not use the WICShopper in-store kiosk functionality (Kiosks are only used in states with ‘smart chip’ cards).  The in-store kiosk will obtain your personal benefits and store this information for the EBTShopper application.  Your benefit information is used to personalize your experience, but it does require your benefit information to be stored.


Modifications of this policy

This privacy policy may be changed without notice, but any changes will be posted at this location (  We recommend you check this policy from time to time to insure that you are fully aware of any changes.


Questions or comments?

If you have questions or comments about the privacy policy for the EBTShopper mobile application, contact us by sending an email or by visiting our websites to get our current contact information.

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